Receive or send a parcel without a worry, wherever you are, whenever you like.

Sprinter Express offers parcel delivery across Wollongong and the greater Illawarra region. With delivery locations that range from bustling city centres to the quiet reaches of the South Coast, our parcel delivery service is the best you will find in the region.  All our deliveries are fast, secure, and tracked. We offer same day parcel delivery as well. Your parcel is given the highest priority and our drivers are all about providing you with the best customer service. For us, delivery is not just about getting your parcel from one destination to another, it’s about everything that encompasses a good delivery and customer satisfaction.        

We cater to both business as well as private customers. We can deliver anything locally, and as soon as you request pickup of items, we start the process of delivery. We guarantee If you are a business with high delivery volumes, we can provide you with tailored enterprise to better suit your commercial needs. We have great prices and excellent customer service. If you would like a quote, simply tell us the type of package and where you would like it delivered, and we can provide you with a customised upfront quote. Our courier service is top notch, and we offer same-day and express deliveries as well. Contact us on  0432106659 for any queries regarding parcel deliveries.