The Express and Same-Day Courier service offered by Sprinter Express is the perfect delivery service for your time critical parcels. We know how important some parcels are, and whether it is a birthday gift to be delivered on time or an important letter, our express and same-day courier services can deliver your package within the time constraints you have. Our express delivery is as quick as two hours within our close jurisdiction. All this, with the best customer service and keeping you in the loop throughout.

With delivery locations that range from bustling city centres to the quiet reaches of the South Coast, our parcel delivery service is the best you will find in the region. Your parcel is given the highest priority and our drivers are all about providing you with the best customer service. For us, delivery is not just about getting your parcel from one destination to another, it’s about everything that encompasses a good service and customer satisfaction.    And when you have a time critical parcel, our number one priority is getting it to the destination as fast as possible, with the least delays and the least stress for you. As soon as we pick up your parcel, you can be rest assured that our team of drivers, logistical staff and management staff work together to ensure we meet your demands and we closely follow any specific instructions. 

Simply tell us the type of package and where you would like it delivered, and we can provide you with a customised upfront quote.  Contact us on  0432106659 for any queries on our express courier services.